The last lecture: Randy Pausch

Randy Pausch, Last Lecture, Vaikundarajans

Ever wondered about what will happen if you were told that you have limited days to live? Would you rejoice, feel saddened or make the most of remaining days? It is a difficult to situation to imagine ourselves in, but a certainty called death cannot be escaped ever. I feel, knowing to have limited days to live is the best thing to happen. Knowing the time to die is better than a sudden death that could occur anytime.

The Last Lecture is one such book that makes you celebrate life and death.

Undoubtedly, life comes to an end some day, the bitter truth, when encounters us, leaves us all shattered. But, little do we know that life is to be lived illustriously and not mourned at any event. This book is a tale of this author, who upon realizing that he has limited days to live owing to cancer, records the best of his experiences as a lecture to his university students, in a bid to preserve them for his three children. He is leaving them an example of how he led his life.

Randy properly plays around with human emotions and ascertains the fact of death but leaves the readers with the thought ‘Live this life the way you want to’. Take risks and emerge victorious. Your heart comes out to Randy’s wife who is coping up with the fact that she has limited days with him, more so, when their kids are at a tender age of 6,3 and 1 respectively. It is remarkable to see Randy preparing to leave his mark on his kids, especially the youngest one, who will probably never have an early memory of his father.

An inspiring book! The only lecture in the book is in the title. Entire book is a tale of a happy life.


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