Interpreter of Maladies

Interpreter of MaladiesShort stories have already enticed me. Mainly due to the easiness they provide me while reading.

Interpreter of Maladies got Jhumpa Lahiri the Pulitzer Award. Well deserved I must say, for the complex human emotions faced by middles class Indians living across the world and, the way they have been written. It makes me firmly believe that short stories are not easy to write. Within a limited word count, doing justice to each character must be daunting. Characters in Interpreter of Maladies may appear overemphasizing yet her narratives create an aura of reality and presence for the reader. Stories, so simple yet unmistakably captivating, common-place yet elegant, subtle yet profound.

I particularly got hitched to the first story ‘Temporary Matter’ which deals with a story of a couple who have recently lost their child with which they lost love and understanding for each other. How they begin to nurture their relationship under the guise of confessions over a course of a week. Losses can have staggering effects on our lives. Like Namesake, this book also deals with life of immigrants but, emotions remain universal and I assure everyone will find an emotion to relate with, in one of the stories.


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