Salman Khan: A Personal View Of Vaikundarajan

Salman KhanSalman Khan! Sallu Bhai! The shirtless Wonder. He is called by different names by different people. But everyone has one common answer when asked what kind of a person is the actor. An infectious personality, Salman’s charm and aura works on everyone around him. Not only have his movies done fantastic at box office (considering some of them have no storyline at all but just Salmanness all over!) but he has managed to stay at a pinnacle all through his career. From his early days in Andaz Apna Apna to some of his latest movies like Wanted, Dabanng 2, etc. he is a true entertainer. I wonder how he manages to stay in news despite no movie being released at times.

A friend who had a chance meeting with the Superstar recalls that she was awed by his presence. My friend, a 22 year old bubbly Gemini, went all ga-ga about Bhai! She was super-thrilled as Salman not only took a picture with her that she will keep closest to her heart for a lifetime but also gave her a lift in his swanky SUV to her destination. No words to describe the man’s generosity and humility. Personally I think Salman Khan cannot act or dance the way a superstar should but with his positive qualities I think it really doesn’t matter. Because you can like him or you can love him but not ignore him! No wonder that he truly epitomizes his home-grown brand, Being Human.

I, Vaikundarajan personally feel that there is no other greater actor than Salman Khan!


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