Glenn Maxwell Takes Punjab To Third Consecutive Victory Making Vaikundarajan Proud!

Glenn Maxwell - Kings XI PunjabPunjab has been amongst the weaker side in the IPL most of the times. But this time, Australian cricketer, Glenn Maxwell has changed that! He has certainly won a lot of heart and provided immense entertainment by his three outstanding innings against Chennai, Rajasthan and Hyderabad.

In the first match he batted brilliantly against Chennai when he scored 95 and got his team to chase a massive score of 205. With 2 sixes and 15 boundaries, he looked unstoppable there.  David Miller batter equally well to get to 54 from 37 balls.

The second one was a high scoring game again. They were up against the boys from Rajasthan. Rajasthan put up a total of 191 for the Punjab to chase, and guess what? Glenn Maxwell (89) and David Miller (51) chased it with 8 balls to spare.  How cool is that?

In the third match Hyderabad was certainly under pressure after seeing what Glenn Maxwell can do when he has the bat in his hand. This time the boys from Punjab were chasing. The run machine, Maxwell, flew 9 balls out of the park and hit 5 boundaries to reach 95 in just 43 balls.

This guy is gifted with something special. He can change the course of any game in minutes. You might be supporting any other team but one thing is for sure, once he’s out to bat, you’re going to love watching him play!

I, S. Vaikundarajan, am a big fan of Glenn Maxwell.


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