Rajasthan Royals Win On Boundary Count!

James FaulknerA tie in the super over! How often do we get to see that? Rajasthan Royals pulled off an amazing win against the Kolkata Knight Riders yesterday at Abu Dhabi. Rajasthan posted a total of 152 for Kolkata to chase, but despite of all the efforts, they could only manage to level the score with them, thanks for birthday boy, James Faulkner’s amazing spell (2 overs, 11 runs, 3 wickets).

It was time for super over then. Again, it was a tie at 12 runs each. One can only imagine such situations! But ultimately someone had to win. So, on the basis of the number of boundaries hit, Rajasthan Royals won the game.

T20 cricket is no longer a batman’s game. Players understand the format better than ever before. Fielding has become one of the most important aspects of the game. They say, “If you can’t put up enough runs on the board, you have to fix it by throwing yourself in the field.” Bowlers are not getting smashed out of the park, every-now-and-then. Most of the matches have been low scoring, which proved that point!

And now it makes me wonder – Are T20s more exciting than ODIs? Hell, yeah!

This view of Vaikundarajan on IPL T20 match between Rajasthan Royals and Kolkata Knight Riders.


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