Vaikundarajan Echoes Kangana Ideaology: Thyan Thyan Thyan

Kangana RanautThere are movies and then there are characters. Some characters just cling to your mind because of the impact they create. Alka Singh in Revolver Rani, flawlessly portrayed by Kangana Ranaut, is one of them. My mind right now is thinking, “Vaikundarajan, what if you were in Chambal?” “Vaikundarajan, what do you think Alka Singh would do to you?” Well, this has happened to me. I have not seen the movie but the hype that it has created is just about the right amount for me to go watch it as soon as possible.

Kangana Ranaut. Alka Singh. Kangana Ranaut. Alka Singh. Kangana Ranaut. Alka Singh. Kangana Ranaut. Alka Singh.

Well, I think she fits the mad-woman, cat-woman, gun-woman role perfectly. Who else would look good with her Italian inspired clothes in middle of gangland with a gun in one hand and her toyboy in another? Respect.

The craziness quotient, the quirky, dry and dark humour, the oomph and the metallic bra are definitely worth a dekko!

What surprises me though is the superb chemistry of Kangana with the short, comical and weird Vir Das. The promos make it clear that Bollywood has truly come out of age with its bold storylines, even bolder dressing sense and experimental star cast. No wonder I loved Vishal Bharadwaj’s ‘Matru ki Bijli ka Mandola’ as well. A great couple, Mr. Pankaj Kapoor and the bhains.

Coming back to the Thyan Thyan lady, I feel she is the true Queen of Bollywood with a range of roles under her belt that are as different as chalk and cheese. Fashion. Gangster. Life in a metro. Queen. Many more to come I hope.

To me she is the modern gabbar, sans the paan-tainted teeth and the opulent drama.

More Raw. More Real. More Raunchy


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