Explosion Observed In Chennai – Vaikundarajan Expresses Grief

Chennai ExpressThe twin bomb blast took place at Chennai Central; the bombs went off well before it reached Andhra Pradesh, where BJP had planned a number of rallies to be addressed by BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi. Karnataka police has observed zero on a suspect who was on the train with the explosive objects. The person was suspected is suspected to have travelled in S6 or S7, and not the other two bogies, S4 and S5, where the blasts happened. The passengers of 70 -72 aboard the two bogies have received a clean chit. The sources have revealed that the names and address received of the suspects and not tallying.

The blasts need be viewed in the point of view of the threat perception to Modi who is a candidate for prime ministerial post. Radhakrishnan stated that Modi has scheduled his visit to Sri Kalahasti temple on Thursday.

While the police were about to start their investigation, rumor were spread on the internet within no time. While quite a few messages about serial twin blasts began circulating in social media, other netizens handled well to calm people.

The blast has grieved to Vaikundarajan as it has lead to destruction and chaos in the city and especially for the people who were injured and just managed to save their lives.


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