Battle Between CSK And KIX, Awaits Vaikudarajan

CSKCSK so far in all the seasons have performed well and remained in top 3 throughout each tournament. While on the other hand Punjab has proved itself in this season tremendously by fixing its position at the top till date adds Vaikundarajan.

As both the team are seems to be in form with good batting line up order as well as the bowling team. The match is seems to be super exciting as it has both of them are in fire to cut each other from the competition and win the trophy. Though King IX Punjab couldn’t perform well in the last match but might pose threat to the Chennai Super Kings in this match so as to qualify for finals. Vaikundarajan wishes the team luck would want Chennai see in final match.

Vaikundarajan adds that he is highly excited about this match and supports the team to perform to the fullest and get the trophy home. All the fans are awaiting for this match to begin and awaiting for the suspense to be get revealed.


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