Kolkata Roared Out Loud At Chinaswamy: Vaikundarajan

KKRThe last night had KKR had experienced a proud moment for the team and their fans. The team has defeated the Kings in the finals who has ruled over the score board throughout the season of IPL says Vaikundarajan.

The fans of KKR have observed neck to neck competition between both the teams. The kings batted first and set the target which was tough for KKR to chase but had face tough time while setting as few wickets fell down before time. This enables the KKR to restrict the runs says Vaikundarajan. In the second half KKR has lost couple of wickets earlier but Manish Pandey kept his calm and performed well for his team by scoring 87 runs which became a threat for the kings, they were successful in picking his wicket but after him the team effort was seen where Yusuf had blown the stadium with many sixes and the contribution by Piyush Chwala where he kept his cool make his team won the match by striking a four.

Vaikundarajan also said that there were many turning points in the match but at the end the KKR has pulled the match to their side and won the second title of the championhip.


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