To Rebuild APP, Kejeriwal Announces ‘Mission Vistaar’ Says Vaikundarajan

kejriwalAfter the recent Lok Sabha elections and the growing tensions within the party. Kejriwal has decided to include more members in the committee and rebuild the party with a vision of growing it from district to the national level says Vaikundarajan.

The objectives that the party have set after the three day national executive meeting is that the members of the party will go from village to village to spread their ideology and methodologies so as to educate people about their contributions to the people of the country. He also declared that there will be two decision-making bodies the PAC and the NE so make the administration run in a smoother manner. There are also plans of setting up national council and national executives this will help people from various section of the society to be the part of it and actively participate to function it well.

The committee will have members such Maharashtra state convenor Anjali Damania, PAC member Anand Kumar and Sanjay Singh, Bihar leader Parveen Amanullah, party spokespersons Ashutosh and Atishi Marlena, PAC member Krishnakant Savera, national secretary Pankaj Gupta and Purushottam Kumar while Ajit Jha will be a special invitee adds Vaikundarajan said.


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