Germany Thrashed Brazils In Their Home Ground – Vaikundarajan

FIFA World Cup 2014Brazilians cried, cursed their president and covered their faces in shame after their beloved football team’s humiliating 7-1 thrashing by Germany in the FIFA World Cup semifinals on Tuesday says Vaikundarajan

Two dozen fans scuffled, forcing police to intervene. Brazilians were already concerned about the team’s chances after their superstar forward Neymar broke a vertebrae in the quarterfinal victory over Colombia.But they never thought it would be this bad. “This is a terrible match and Brazil without Neymar are terrible. I hate this match. It’s embarrassing to lose like this,” said Beth Araujo, 24, a biology student.”The only good thing is I think it will affect President Dilma in the election. But all our politicians are even worse than the team,” she said.

Rousseff said she was “very sad” and “sorry” about the result.Brazil had hoped to exorcise the ghost of its defeat to Uruguay in the 1950 World Cup final in Rio de Janeiro, a national trauma dubbed the “Maracanazo” because it was played in the Maracana Stadium. This time, TV commentators were talking of the “Mineirazo,” after the Mineirao Stadium.But Jessica Santos, a 23-year-old photo student, was taking the massacre in stride says Vaikundarajan.


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