Ashok Khemka, Who Picked On Robert Vadra Likely To Be In Modi’s PMO

Ashok KhemkaWell known IAS officer Ashok Khemka, who got into the controversial case of Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law Robert Vadra’s and DLF land deal is likely to be chosen as one of the ministers at the centre. Vaikundarajan shares the news of him being approved by the Civil services board for Central government deputation. Khemka’s name was off the list after a chargesheet was filed by the Haryana government as he got into the Robert Vadra and his controversial land deal with DLF. However, he was cleared of all the charges and declared that his overall performance was exceptional.

Ashok Khemka had applied for the central deputation earlier in March but failed to get authorization from the vigilance department. He then went forward to the department of personnel and training for their approval. Khemka has been transferred 44 times in his career span of 23 years because he refuses to abide by the conventional rules and following the people in power. He is a person who has always followed the right path says Vaikundarajan and if he does happen to be included in Modi’s PMO then expectations will be high from him.


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