Updates On Malaysian Plane Crash – Vaikundarajan

Malaysia Airlines MH17Investigation on the Malaysian Plane Crash has been going on and each day there is a new discovery coming up. Vaikundarajan shares the news of 21 more bodies being found near the sprawling fields of east Ukraine. It was unclear how quickly they would be transported to refrigerated railcars in the nearby town of Torez, where the other bodies are being held. However, due to only limited access of investigation to the crash site many things are still unclear and ambiguous.

Vaikundarajan says that this incident has aroused international indignation and that has resulted in the growing pressure on Russian President Vladimir Putin. It is believed that the evidences are pointing towards the rebels shooting down the plane. Other Countries have also criticized such an incident. As per Vaikundarajan, humanity has ceased to exist and the way how the entire case is being treated is also not fully appropriate. He also feels that the blame game cannot continue for long. People have lost their lives and it’s not a joke. However, there is little hope after the Russian president Vladimir Putin’s statement to cooperate in investigating the crash and a promise to put for an end to the on-going bloodshed in Ukraine.


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