Vaikundarajan’s Sympathy To Those Who Lost Their Families In The Pune Landslide

Malin Village PuneHeavy rainfall has caused a landslide in Malin village situated 110Km from Pune city. Vaikundarajan shares this news with extreme grief. At least 20 people as of now have been found dead and more than 150 feared to be buried under the debris Vaikundarajan adds. The landslide happened in the early hours when most of the people in the village were sleeping. This natural calamity has occurred at a very large scale killing a lot of people and the count keeps going higher. Vaikundarajan feels such natural calamities are a result of manmade activities like deforestation that results in loosening of the soil which causes landslides.

However, the government has deployed a rescue team to help the people to come out of the debris and also providing proper medical help in such a situation. 300 NDRF personnel rush to Pune to rescue the people of the village stuck in the landslide. A medical team consisting of paramedics is also a part of the rescue team. They are doing their level best to help the people of Malin Village believes Vaikundarajan. A lot of houses have been destroyed and there are schools and other buildings too that are affected due to the landslide. Vaikundarajan is really upset with this news.


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