Flood Fear In Bihar Scares People Says Vaikundarajan

Bhatta Kosi, BiharA flood is estimated to occur in Bihar as 28 cusecs of water accumulated in a lake-like formation caused by massive landslide in river Bhatta Kosi on the Nepal side and both centre and state governments are being prepared for any kind of natural calamity. Vaikunddarajan feels that around 2.25 lakh people could be affected in a total of nine districts of Bihar because of which the state government has ordered for immediate and forcible evacuation of the people living in the two embankments of the Kosi River. Vaikundarajan feels that these steps are necessary to prevent any danger to the lives of the people.

To avoid the flood to occur the Indian experts drilled three holes in the 1km-wide debris to facilitate controlled flow of water downstream the river. As the flow of water from the site is slow after the drilling, the situation is deemed to be normal. However as per Vaikundarajan no risk should be taken in such matters because the lives of people are most important and it is an achievement if such a calamity can be avoided. The National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) is also ready to combat any such situation that comes in adds, Vaikundarajan.


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