Heavy Rainfall In Uttarakhand Scares Vaikundarajan

Uttarakhand RainHeavy rains continue to haunt Uttarakhand taking almost 17 lives by now. In view of the water level of Rapti River in Uttar Pradesh rising above the danger mark, the Centre issued alert cautioning authorities to be prepared says Vaikundarajan. The heavy rains in Uttarakhand, including in the state capital, flooded several roads cutting off nearly 250 residents of a village in Pauri district from the rest of the state. This is quite an alarming situation feels Vaikundarajan. Last year itself Uttarakhand witnessed heavy rainfall and floods that caused a high level of casualty and this year again heavy rainfall poses a threat to lives of people there says Vaikundarajan.

It is said that a cloudburst is the cause behind such heavy rainfall in Uttrakhand. Vaikundarajan sympathizes with the families of the people who died because of this heavy rainfall. From adults to old people and young children, all have been caught up in this. Vaikundarajan believes that natural calamities are unavoidable however, we can be prepared for it especially if such havocs have occurred in the past.


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