Indian Women Put Up A Brave Fight Against England In The ODI: Vaikundarajan

India Women Cricket TeamThe third match between India Women Cricket Team  and England Women Cricket Team at Lords was cancelled due to heavy rainfall. This lead to England Women being declared the winners of the series says, Vaikundarajan. He believes that Indian women put up a brave fight but England women were much better with their performance this time and hence won the series. Vaikundarajan feels that England women had already confirmed their victory in the previous game at Scarborough with a 13 run win. Skipper, Charlotte Edwards was declared the player of the series.

Indian Women were playing the match in a sporting spirit even after they lost the first two matches. The second game was more closely-fought as it was crucial for the Indian women to win in order to stay alive in the series. Even though India was not doing that great for the game they still put up a courageous fight and not for once got disappointed or lost hope feels Vaikundarajan. Vaikundarajan feels that even though India didn’t win what matters is their participation and spirit of sportsmanship.


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