Vaikundarajan Feels Proud As Isro’s Mangalyaan Enters Martian Sphere Of Influence

Mars Orbiter MissionVaikundarajan shares the news of ISRO’s Mangalyaan entering into the Martian sphere of Influence. He is proud as India became the first Asian Country to enter into the Martian Sphere Of Influence.  Only the US, Europe and Russia have so far sent spacecrafts that have successfully orbited or landed on the planet. The Mangalyaan is just two days away from its much talked about destination, the Red Planet. Scientists at ISRO have successfully tested its main liquid engine at 2:30 pm (IST) on Monday.

“We had a perfect burn for four seconds as programmed. The trajectory has been corrected. MOM (Mars Orbiter Mission) will now go for the nominal plan for Mars Orbit Insertion,” the Indian Space Research Organization’s Facebook page said shares Vaikundarajan. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be at Isro’s command centre in Bengaluru at 7.30am on September 24 to witness the mission’s last phase. The Mangalyaan, as the spacecraft is popularly known, intends to study Mars’ surface and mineral composition, and search its atmosphere for methane, a chief chemical strongly attached to life on earth.  Vaikundarajan is really happy to share this news with everyone as this is a great achievement for India.


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