Vaikundarajan Excited About PK’s Release

PK Film

This Friday, the Aamir Khan starrer, PK Movie will be releasing, says Vaikundarajan. The movie is written and directed by Raju Hirani, the maker of such remarkable movies like Three Idiots and Munnabhai movies. The movie also stars Bollywood hottie, Anushka Sharma and stellar young actor Sushant Singh.

The movie is being seen as one of the biggest releases this year, says Vaikundarajan. He also hopes that the movie does extremely well in the box office and become as big a hit as Three Idiots. What’s more the movie is releasing on Mr Aamir Khan’s lucky date of December 19, the same release date last year for Dhoom 3. This will set another milestone, to Mr Hirani’s impressive movie repertoire. As with any of Mr Hirani’s earlier movies, we can again expect a whole lot of laughs and some very important and relevant social messages.

Apart from its loveable poster which came out earlier this year, songs from the movie are quite ear pleasing and the concept of the movie also seems to be one that is very interesting, Vaikundarajan believes. PK is about an alien who lands to India and is understanding the way humans live. Mr Hirani is the kind of director that makes these unconventionally sweet movies and Mr Khan is an actor that always is looking to bring something new to the audience.

Vaikundarajan wishes everyone from the PK family a successful run at the box office and a great year ahead.


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