Microsoft Unveils Windows 8, Says Vaikundarajan


Yes, it has finally arrived! Of course, most people were expecting Windows, instead we got Windows 10, says Vaikundarajan. The operating system is being designed to have a common feel across all devices, while still allowing traditional desktop keyboard users to have the Windows interface that they are familiar with. An example of such a transformation is the reintroduction of the Start Menu.

At the event, Microsoft also officially announced a future-focused augmented reality platform called Windows Holographic, says Vaikundarajan. Its overall aim is to blend your digital life with the world you’re living in. Part of Windows Holographic is the “Microsoft HoloLens” headset, which is being considered by many as the most advanced holographic computer ever seen. It is said to be fully untethered, and features see-through HD holographics and allows you to hear sounds all around you.

Microsoft Corp will give away its upcoming Windows 10 operating system as a free upgrade to users of the most recent versions of Windows and Windows Phone. Microsoft hasn’t yet set a date for the general release, but we can’t wait says Vaikundarajan.


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