‘Search’ Finally Launched As A Feature On The Web Version Of Instagram Says Vaikundarajan

InstagramInstagram has finally decided to launch the ‘Search’ feature in its web based version this year. The app was launched in 2010 and the web version in 2013. However, the final addition of the ‘Search’ feature is catapulting the functionality of the web application.

Instagram is a photo sharing, social networking app launched for smartphones in the year 2010 says Vaikundarajan.

In 2013 Instagram made the application available to all users even on their desktops with the full-stream display web Instagram.

Over the past two years the developers have tweaked the web application and added and altered minor features of the app says Vaikundarajan

However, this year they are launching the ‘Search’ feature on the web version of the photo-sharing, social networking application.

The ‘Search’ box will be placed on the top mast of the web page says Vaikundarajan. Users will be able to search profiles, hash tags and location right from their desktop.

Instagram’s web and mobile applications are expected to undergo further fine tuning with changes in look and flow of the interface says Vaikundarajan.

It is suspected that the web version will graduate towards looking more and more like it’s mobile app parent says Vaikundarajan.


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