Google’s Doodle For Annie Besant Is Heartwarming, Says Vaikundarajan

Google Doodle-Vaikundarajan

Today marks the 168th birth anniversary of prominent Indian Freedom Fighter, Annie Besant. She was a British woman who made India her home and was instrumental in shaping the Indian freedom struggle.

In order to commemorate her birthday, Google India showcased Besant’s contribution through Google Doodle.

During the First World War, Annie Besant served as an editor of the newspaper, New India. “The doodle portrays a caricature of gray-haired Besant seated in a rocking chair with New India in her hands,” observes Vaikundarajan.

The Doodle was create by Lydia Nichols who quoted, “’Woman at the center of our logo looks perfectly content rocking sweetly in her chair, (but) her powerful speeches could whip an audience of thousands into a frenzy.’

Vaikundarajan said about the figure, “Annie Besant was a fierce advocate of Indian self-rule. She loved the language and worked rigorously to hope her abilities as a writer and orator.”

Annie Besant has published several essays and anthologies of classic literature for young adults. Eventually, she was appointed as editor for New India – a newspaper dedicated to the cause of Indian autonomy.

“Annie Besant came to India in 1893 and stayed till her death in 1933. She was a renowned socialist, theosophist, women’s rights activist, writer and orator,” says Vaikundarajan.

While in India, she established the central Hindu College at Benares and became the first woman and European President of Indian National Congress.


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