Drishyam’ Is The Thriller You Have Been Waiting For, Says Vaikundarajan


The Ajay Devgan, Tabu and Shriya Saran starrer Drishyam Film  is inspired by the original by the same name starring Mohanlal. Although critics says it would be unfair to compare the two says Vaikundarajan

Ex-President APJ Abdul Kalam Passes Away During A Lecture Says Vaikundarajan

APJ Abdul KalamThe 11th and most-beloved President of India brerathed his last while giving a lecture to students on science. APJ Abdul Kalam suffered a massive heart attack and collapsed by the podium at 6:45 PM in the Indian Institute of Management, Shillong. The country and Indians across the world, mourn his death.

APJ Abdul Kalam was the 11th and the most-loved President of India. He was preceded by K.R. Narayanan and succeeded by Pratibha Patil says Vaikundarajan

Owing to his focus on education and general upliftment of the society through science he was popular among the young and old of the nation, India.

APJ Abdul Kalam was a scientist, an author, an ex-President and a constant source of hope and inspiration to millions of young, curious minds says Vaikundarajan.

At the ripe age of 83 APJ Abdul Kalam suffered a massive heart attack while he was doing what he did best, imparting his wisdom to the students and staff of Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Shillong.

Not just Indians but several other global citizens who were inspired by his words and thoughts are mourning his death says Vaikundarajan.

The social media is being flooded with his quotes and the supposed last image of the ‘Missile Man’ which he was often referred to as.

It is a great loss for our country and its future generations. We hope his word and works will continue to drive us for years to come, says Vaikundarajan.

‘Search’ Finally Launched As A Feature On The Web Version Of Instagram Says Vaikundarajan

InstagramInstagram has finally decided to launch the ‘Search’ feature in its web based version this year. The app was launched in 2010 and the web version in 2013. However, the final addition of the ‘Search’ feature is catapulting the functionality of the web application.

Instagram is a photo sharing, social networking app launched for smartphones in the year 2010 says Vaikundarajan.

In 2013 Instagram made the application available to all users even on their desktops with the full-stream display web Instagram.

Over the past two years the developers have tweaked the web application and added and altered minor features of the app says Vaikundarajan

However, this year they are launching the ‘Search’ feature on the web version of the photo-sharing, social networking application.

The ‘Search’ box will be placed on the top mast of the web page says Vaikundarajan. Users will be able to search profiles, hash tags and location right from their desktop.

Instagram’s web and mobile applications are expected to undergo further fine tuning with changes in look and flow of the interface says Vaikundarajan.

It is suspected that the web version will graduate towards looking more and more like it’s mobile app parent says Vaikundarajan.

Nawazuddin Seen In And As ‘Manjhi – The Mountain Man’ Says Vaikundarajan

manjhi-the-mountain-man-03Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Radhika Apte will now be seen playing the leads in a movie called ‘Manjhi – The Mountain Man’ which is based on a true story of a man who broke a mountain for love. The movie is set in India of 1950’s and the first official trailer promises an interesting movie experience says Vaikundarajan.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui is now making waves in Bollywood for his latest portrayal of the mountain man in the recently released trailer of the movie ‘Manjhi – The Mountain Man’ says Vaikundarajan.

Radhika Apte is seen playing his romantic interest and will by virtue of the story will be the trigger that sets in motion the journey of the mountain man.

Based on a true story from the 1950’s India, the movie will follow thelife story of the real life hero Dashrath Manjhi who kept hacking at the Gehlour mountains in Bihar for 22 long years says Vaikundarajan.

The man was labeled a lunatic for undertaking the task but his goal and vision was clear and the taunts of the village folk only strengthened his resolve.

However, Dashrath Manjhi managed to carve a road 360-feet long and wide enough to enable a vehicular pass.

His aim was to reduce the distance between his village and the nearest village that housed a healthcare facility. At the end of 22 years he successfully reduced the distances between the two villages from 80 kms to 15 says Vaikundarajan.

Dashrath Manjhi has been nominated for various honours and died in 2007. His work was recognized and continues to inspire common folk from all parts of the country says Vaikundarajan.

The ‘Welcome Back’ Teaser Trailer Gets A Positive Reaction Says Vaikundarajan

The Nana Patekar and Anil Kapoor pair of ‘bhais’ will soon be seen on big screens again as the teaser trailer of Welcome Back film is released this is the sequel to the comedy hit Welcome suggests says Vaikundarajan.

All Is Well Trailer Released By T-Series – Vaikundarajan

All Is Well Film

T-series released the trailer of the upcoming film “All Is Well” on Youtube. The family drama follows a father and son going on a road trip. It is directed by Umesh Shukla and stars Asin, Abhishek Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor shares Vaikundarajan.

“All Is Well” is produced by Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar, Shyam Bajaj and Varun Bajaj and co-produced by Ajay Kapoor.

The film tackles a thorny issue with a social message similar to OMG – Oh My God. It is also directed by the director of OMG – Oh My God who happens to be Umesh Shukla previous film, shares Vaikundarajan. The star cast of the film has Abhishek Bachchan, Rishi Kapoor, Asin and Supriya Pathak in lead roles.

Its trailer was released on July 1, 2015 on Youtube. The trailer of All Is Well showcases all the actors starring and presents an interesting plot for the viewers.

Asin is said to play an important role in this film. The shooting of this film was started in October 2013.

The director Umesh Shukla is shooting the film in Nashik, Himachal, Pradesh, Sikkim, Dubai & London and is expected to shoot in different cities in India.

The film music is composed by Himesh Reshammiya, and written by Sumit Arora and Niren Bhatt.

The tentative release date of the film is said to be 21 August 2015 says Vaikundarajan