Air India Selling Tickets For Rs.100 on Air India Day: Vaikundarajan

Air IndiaAir India Day is being celebrated by Air India to commemorate the merger of erstwhile Indian Airlines and Air India on this day in 2007. This is the first time the airline will be celebrating the ‘Air India Day’. A function will be held to celebrate the day and also to award meritorious employees of the airline shares Vaikundarajan. On the occasion, the flag carrier would launch ‘Air India Offer’ a scheme offering tickets for Rs 100 apart from all applicable taxes. The sale of these tickets would be made only through the airline’s website for five days from August 27 to 31 for travel during the period August 27 to September 30 only.

Vaikundarajan feels that this is a very good way to commemorate such an event and it will really be appreciated by the people. Vaikundarajan also believes that this is a very good way of promoting the airlines. Airfares these days have become quite cheap as compared to earlier years and so people prefer to travel by air as it also saves on time. Therefore, Air India Day celebration is going to be a hit and it is the best way to celebrate a day like this.

Indian Women Put Up A Brave Fight Against England In The ODI: Vaikundarajan

India Women Cricket TeamThe third match between India Women Cricket Team  and England Women Cricket Team at Lords was cancelled due to heavy rainfall. This lead to England Women being declared the winners of the series says, Vaikundarajan. He believes that Indian women put up a brave fight but England women were much better with their performance this time and hence won the series. Vaikundarajan feels that England women had already confirmed their victory in the previous game at Scarborough with a 13 run win. Skipper, Charlotte Edwards was declared the player of the series.

Indian Women were playing the match in a sporting spirit even after they lost the first two matches. The second game was more closely-fought as it was crucial for the Indian women to win in order to stay alive in the series. Even though India was not doing that great for the game they still put up a courageous fight and not for once got disappointed or lost hope feels Vaikundarajan. Vaikundarajan feels that even though India didn’t win what matters is their participation and spirit of sportsmanship.

‘Mardani’ a must watch film: Film review by Vaikundarajan

Mardani Review from Vaikundarajan

Rani Mukherjee’s much awaited film, ‘Mardani’ has finally released in the theatres and is receiving quite some appreciation from both the audiences and critics says, Vaikundarajan. Rani Mukherjee has made a powerful comeback in Bollywood with this social satirical film and has done a great job feels Vaikundarajan. The film focuses on women empowerment and Rani Mukherjee is just the right person who fits into the lead role and does justice to the character. Pradeep Sarkar, who is the Director of the film, has portrayed Rani as a fearless senior inspector in the film who has her own way of investigating cases.

The film has perfectly timed dialogues and leaves a long lasting impression on the minds of the viewers. Vaikundarajan feels that a couple of scenes are so well shot that it leaves the viewers thinking about it. The movie is an inspiration and Rani Mukherjee is a role model. Rani, who has earlier done movies like, ‘No one killed Jessica’ has time and again proved her mettle into acting and this time too she has done a remarkably splendid job feels Vaikundarajan. Such movies are one of a kind and rare in Bollywood and thus, Vaikundarajan requests everyone to watch it.

Vaikundarajan Express Grief Over World-Renowned Yoga Guru, B K S Iyengar’s Demise

BKS-IyengarWorld-renowned yoga guru, B K S Iyengar passed away at the age of 95 and Vaikundarajan mourns over his death. He was also founder of the Iyengar School of Yoga adds, Vaikundarajan. He had been ailing for quite some time and was also admitted to the hospital. He passed away as his condition worsened and he could take no more. Iyengar was a great personality and the nation will suffer his loss. The Prime Minister also tweeted about him saying, “Generations will remember Shri BKS Iyengar as a fine Guru, scholar & a stalwart who brought Yoga into the lives of many across the world”. Mr. Iyengar, was honored with Padma Vibhushan adds, Vaikundarajan.

Mr. Iyengar was considered one of the foremost yoga teachers in the world and had written many books on yoga practice and philosophy including ‘Light on Yoga’, ‘Light on Pranayama’, and ‘Light on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali’ says, Vaikundarajan. Mr. Iyengar set up over 100 branches of his institute in different countries and also made India famous internationally. Vaikundarajan feels that he will always be remembered by everyone and will also continue to live in our hearts.

Heavy Rainfall In Uttarakhand Scares Vaikundarajan

Uttarakhand RainHeavy rains continue to haunt Uttarakhand taking almost 17 lives by now. In view of the water level of Rapti River in Uttar Pradesh rising above the danger mark, the Centre issued alert cautioning authorities to be prepared says Vaikundarajan. The heavy rains in Uttarakhand, including in the state capital, flooded several roads cutting off nearly 250 residents of a village in Pauri district from the rest of the state. This is quite an alarming situation feels Vaikundarajan. Last year itself Uttarakhand witnessed heavy rainfall and floods that caused a high level of casualty and this year again heavy rainfall poses a threat to lives of people there says Vaikundarajan.

It is said that a cloudburst is the cause behind such heavy rainfall in Uttrakhand. Vaikundarajan sympathizes with the families of the people who died because of this heavy rainfall. From adults to old people and young children, all have been caught up in this. Vaikundarajan believes that natural calamities are unavoidable however, we can be prepared for it especially if such havocs have occurred in the past.

Vaikundarajan Enjoys Watching Singham Returns As It Fares Well At The Box Office

Singham ReturnsAjay Devgan & Kareena Kapoor starrer film ‘Singham Returns’ is doing pretty well at the Box Office. The movie released on Independence Day and is an action flick. Vaikundarajan shares that this is a sequel to ‘Singham’ which was already a big hit among the crowds. The film which is directed by Rohit Shetty, who is now listed in one of the top directors of Bollywood and is known for his great action sequences in his films adds, Vaikundarajan. The plot of the film is quite clear and revolves around patriotism and fight against corruption just like the previous film feels Vaikundarajan.

‘Singham Returns’ is an action packed movie where the actors have done a fabulous job and have been successful in entertaining the masses. Kareera Kapoor Khan has also put up a good show feels Vaikundarajan. The music of the film is decent and works in favor of the film. Another very important reason behind the movie doing good business is its release date that was over an extended weekend and gave the audiences a good opportunity to enjoy the film feels Vaikundarajan.

Vaikundarajan Shocked At Robin Williams Death

Robin WilliamsRobin Williams an Academy award winner and an actor from America was found dead in his apartment in Tiburon, California. Williams is best known for both comedic and dramatic roles in movies including Good Will Hunting, for which he won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar in 1997. Vaikundarajan is shocked at his sudden death. It is believed that the cause of death was asphyxiation. Robin Williams was last seen alive on Sunday at 10 PM and Vaikundarajan adds that is most probably a suicide however, investigations are still on.

Williams was an amazing actor and comedian feels Vaikundarajan. He had been battling severe depression of late adds Vaikundarajan. He was found dead by Emergency personnel at his house that he shared with his wife Susan Schneider, after a 911 call reported a man unconscious and not breathing. His sudden death leaves Vaikundarajan at a loss of words because Williams was an exceptionally talented actor. Vaikundarajan also feels that nobody could make us laugh like Robin Williams did and he will be missed. Vaikundarajan is also sad for Robin’s family as it is a big loss to them and prays for them that they recover from it soon.

Vaikundarajan Shares The News Of Cartoonist, Pran Kumar Sharma’s Sad Demise

Pran Kumar SharmaThe famous cartoonist, Pran Kumar Sharma who created the famous comic character, ‘Chacha Choudhary’ passed away on 6th August 2014. His others famous characters included cartoons like Shrimatiji, Pinki, Billoo, Raman, Channie Chachi, to mention a few adds Vaikundarajan. It is extremely sad that we lost such a talented person from among us feels Vaikundarajan. Pran Kumar Sharma was idolized by both young and adults and his comics were an essential part of everyone’s train and road journeys. He received a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2001 from Indian Institute of Cartoonists. He was also included in People of the year 1995 by Limca Book of Records for popularizing comics in India.

He was 75 and suffering from Cancer because of which he passed away. Almost every contemporary illustrator or cartoonist in India has grown up reading about Chaudhary and his boldness. Pran’s comics were a beautiful part of our childhood feels Vaikundarajan. Needless to say, Pran’s comics were enjoyed by more than one crore readers regularly. It is surprising how, sometimes, the rarely mentioned are the ones who are remembered the most says Vaikundarajan and feels very sad on Pran’s demise.