Vaikundarajan’s Sympathy To Those Who Lost Their Families In The Pune Landslide

Malin Village PuneHeavy rainfall has caused a landslide in Malin village situated 110Km from Pune city. Vaikundarajan shares this news with extreme grief. At least 20 people as of now have been found dead and more than 150 feared to be buried under the debris Vaikundarajan adds. The landslide happened in the early hours when most of the people in the village were sleeping. This natural calamity has occurred at a very large scale killing a lot of people and the count keeps going higher. Vaikundarajan feels such natural calamities are a result of manmade activities like deforestation that results in loosening of the soil which causes landslides.

However, the government has deployed a rescue team to help the people to come out of the debris and also providing proper medical help in such a situation. 300 NDRF personnel rush to Pune to rescue the people of the village stuck in the landslide. A medical team consisting of paramedics is also a part of the rescue team. They are doing their level best to help the people of Malin Village believes Vaikundarajan. A lot of houses have been destroyed and there are schools and other buildings too that are affected due to the landslide. Vaikundarajan is really upset with this news.


‘Raja Natwarlal’ Trailer Launch: Vaikundarajn’s Take

Raja NatwarlalRaja Natwarlal’ which is Kunal Deshmukh’s film launched its trailer recently. The film stars Emraan Hashmi and Humaima Malik who is a Pakistani Star. Vaikundarajan says that Emraan Hashmi is back after a year with this film ‘Raja Natwarlal’. As per the trailer it seems like this movie is about scams and cons adds Vaikundarajan. The actress, Humaima Malik is a debutant and Vaikundarajan is looking forward to watching her on Silver Screen. Produced by Siddharth Roy Kapur and directed by Kunal Deshmukh the film seems quite interesting from the trailer feels Vaikundarajan.

Vaikundarajan has high hopes from this movie because it comes from the director of ‘Jannat ‘and ‘Jannat 2’ that have been quite successful at the Box Office. Emraan Hashmi is good at what he does on screen and after a yearlong break he is sure to create magic on screen. The film also stars Paresh Rawal and Kay Kay Menon adds Vaikundarajan. The trailer looks exciting but nothing much can be anticipated beforehand. Once the movie releases on the 29th of August it can be said to be either good or bad. Vaikundarajan expects a good film from Emraan Hashmi and hopes he will not be disappointed.

Vaikundarajan Rejoices As Gagan Narang Bags Silver Medal In Common Wealth Games

Gagan NarangGagan Narang won the silver medal this time in the Common Wealth Games that are being held in Glasgow. Vaikundarajan shares the news of him winning the silver in men’s 50m rifle. He lost the gold to Warren Potent of Australia by 0.7 points. Vaikundarajan adds that Narang holds four medals each from 2006 and 2010 Common Wealth Games but in other events.

This is apparently Narang’s first medal in the Common Wealth Games for this 50m rifle event. And he has done a fairly good job feels Vaikundarajan which could have been a little better. He has won a bronze in men’s 10m Air Rifle in 2012 London Olympics. Narang was in the lead after the second series in which he shot a perfect 10.9 but from there on he slipped to third with Potent taking the lead. Vaikundarajan feels that the competition between the two was tough for the gold and Potent could have been under tremendous pressure and he came up with a low score but he did manage a lead in the end.

India Wins Gold In Common Wealth Games, Vaikundarajan Elated!

K Sanjita ChanuThis year the 20th edition of the Common Wealth Games is being held at Glasgow which will see close to 5000 athletes from 71 nations of the erstwhile British Empire compete with each other.  There are 215 athletes participating from India. Vaikundarajan is really happy for India as Sukhen Dey and K Sanjita Chanu from India stole the limelight by clinching gold each in weightlifting. India also won 3 silver and 2 bronze medals shares Vaikundarajan.

Vaikundarajan really feels proud of the fact that on the very first day of the Common Wealth Games India showed up such a great performance. Vaikundarajan also believes that this is just the beginning and he has high expectations from Indian athletes that they will do our Country proud at such a big international platform.  However, Vaikundarajan suggests that the athletes should not get overconfident because that might lead to their downfall very soon. It’s a long journey and to be successful in the entire event as a Country India should perform consistently adds Vaikundarajan.

Updates On Malaysian Plane Crash – Vaikundarajan

Malaysia Airlines MH17Investigation on the Malaysian Plane Crash has been going on and each day there is a new discovery coming up. Vaikundarajan shares the news of 21 more bodies being found near the sprawling fields of east Ukraine. It was unclear how quickly they would be transported to refrigerated railcars in the nearby town of Torez, where the other bodies are being held. However, due to only limited access of investigation to the crash site many things are still unclear and ambiguous.

Vaikundarajan says that this incident has aroused international indignation and that has resulted in the growing pressure on Russian President Vladimir Putin. It is believed that the evidences are pointing towards the rebels shooting down the plane. Other Countries have also criticized such an incident. As per Vaikundarajan, humanity has ceased to exist and the way how the entire case is being treated is also not fully appropriate. He also feels that the blame game cannot continue for long. People have lost their lives and it’s not a joke. However, there is little hope after the Russian president Vladimir Putin’s statement to cooperate in investigating the crash and a promise to put for an end to the on-going bloodshed in Ukraine.

Reliance Fined With Penalty Of $579 Million – Vaikundarajan’s Take

Reliance Natural GasGovernment has hit an additional penalty of $579 Million on Reliance Industries for not producing the optimum targeted Natural Gas from the KG-D6 block. Vaikundarajan shares that with this, the total penalty on Reliance altogether after missing the target in four fiscal years is $2.376 Billion. Under the terms of contract, Reliance can deduct all of its capital and operating expenses before sharing profits with the government. Reliance hoped that the deepwater drilling expertise would give them the skills to develop the hard-to-exploit reserves and find more oil but they couldn’t do much about it.

Vaikundarajan feels that is a big blow to Reliance in terms of the penalty fined on them. He also believes that they should have produced the optimum capacity of natural gas if they were allocated a particular block. Natural resources are limited and scarce at the same time and we cannot afford to let go of such valuable resources. Vaikundarajan believes that it was their duty to produce a certain amount of Natural gas from the reserves but they have been failing at it for the past four years.